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SMEs have to compete with larger organisations that have much more resources at their disposal to market their businesses (Hassan et al., 2015).
We have designed an E-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to subscribe to creative services and products in bite sizes they can afford. Global Advertising Spend as at year 2020 was over 500 billion dollars, which shows that there is a huge market for ROC. ROC is targeting 0.50% of this market.

Target: $100,000 Raised: $5,000

Joopers Busy Limited was started in 2019 as an incubatee at Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute, Kisumu to offer technical assistance and certification. The products that we have been dealing with are Sugarcane juice blended with ginger and lemon, Ice blocks and Honey.

We aim to influence more people to consume healthy foods. To market nutritious juice that is so refreshing and healthy. To provide employment opportunities to the youth. To explore local and international mutual partnerships that promote sustainable development in kenya. To establish full operational cottage industry by December, 2022.

Target: $10,000 Raised: $0

A student based platform that provides allows them to connect socially, share study helps and chat and across multiple colleges and universities. Essentially a social network strictly for college students with a focus on educational and social connections.

Requested $250,000 Raised: $45,000

Farm Chat is a social chatting platform for farmers, The android app in the Alpha version and a testable prototype available, we have received great feedback and looking to launch in 6 months

Requested $50,000 Raised: $5,000

Ensuring that not excess produce from the local farms goes to waste or forced to spoil or selling at losses. We provide during the peak seasons, additional storage and distribution of excess produce.

Requested $250,000 Raised: $25,000

Sustainable wastewater treatment designs focused on recycling water to be used for irrigation and others. Wastelandclean An innovative service provider with exemplary customer service support and sales services including cleaning and sanitation support.

Requested $250,000 Raised: $80,000

Pandandani is Kenya's top solution for internal gardening for commercial real estate. It makes all the work about indoor plant maintenance and greatly optimizes the operational costs for our corporate clients.

Requested $200,000 Raised: $40,000

ShopHustleFree is an online marketplace connecting local retailers and shoppers. Our aim is to simplify local online shopping and empower local retailers to succeed in an increasingly digital enabled world

Requested $100,000 Raised: $10,000


Urembo means beauty in Swahili. Urembo Hub is a business built around an e-commerce mobile and web application that seeks to bridge the gap between consumers and suppliers of beauty products and services in Kenya. Our company was registered in February 2020.
"We seek to provide the most convenient way for consumers of beauty products and services to buy and the most convenient platform for suppliers to access the market"

Target: $200,000 Raised: $30,000


We provide feeds to farmers. Along with feeds, we train the farmers. We link farmers to funding agencies and government facilities. Most important we help link farmers to the market with logistic support. This has helped farmers to effectively supply protein-rich fish, eggs, milk and meat. We sell to 2000 farmers in Kisii county, Kenya. from the same farmers, we buy an average of 10 tons of protein from them for onward selling.

Target: $100,000 Raised: $0

Finvest gives financial freedom to ordinary people in a very easy way by connecting financial planning with investment management services.

Requested $100,000 Raised: $10,000

We deliver anything you could ever want or need, from local shops, supermarkets and restaurants within 60 minutes. Everyone is busy and moving and we understand that , so our solution allows you to shop quickly and with our on-demand ordering, delivery and click & collect services. We deliver within 60 minutes.

Requested $100,000 Raised: $10,000

The portal to sell or rent redundant digital assets. Submit your redundant digital assets and trade, share, rent & transfer licences, keys, software, games, websites, apps, domains, codes, coupons, data, themes and much more.

Requested $150,000 Raised: $10,000

Taskee is a mobile solution that helps individuals list daily tasks and submits them to a designated or trusted network of freelancers. Also, Taskee helps freelancers find small jobs opportunities as well as provide a chance to share and distribute tasks to others.

Requested $50,000 Raised: $5,000

We aspire to provide every cake-loving home in the city at least once a year a fresh & handmade cake. The cakes are ordered online via our platform and made with great designs & fantastic taste, we bring a new spirit to cake lovers. 

Requested $50,000 Raised: $2,000

SecondSoko helps second-hand sellers and resellers list their inventory and manage customers and sales from one central place.

Requested $10,000 Raised: $0

RemoteCoach is a great coaching and consulting app, available to entrepreneurs and business people, 24/7, giving them access to top business consultation and coaching at their fingertips! It will help entrepreneur navigate important decisions making challenges through key functions in their business.

Requested $30,000 Raised: $5,000

EmCare is an app that provides emergency services and data to people in need. It uses tracking and GPS technology, call blocking and direction finders.  It is very useful in security risky zones as well as field work.

Requested $50,000 Raised: $10,000

My main problem is that although am a skilled professional article writer, I lack the funds to start and develop a writer website. It has always been my long-term desire that one day I shall own one.

I do write high-quality articles that am certain if I had enough funding, I could win a multitude of clients who demand such services.

Requested $5,000 Raised: $0

Purchasing of cocoa beans from various farmers to the cocoa processing plant to produce cocoa products and marketing the processed to individuals, companies, supermarkets etc

Target: $5000 Raised: $0

Hydroponics farming involves the growing of plants(crops) without soil and by using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent. The plant or crops may grow with only their roots exposed to the nutritious liquid, or the roots being supported by an inert medium such as pumice, coco peat, among others. Kenya as a country is yet to adopt fully the Hydroponic farming technology.

Requested $15,000 Raised: $0

Beauty Online; An online platform, acting as a directory service linking customers to make a booking to qualified local freelance Beauty Therapists. 

Requested $25,000 Raised: $5,000

There is a huge shortage of good accountants in South Africa. As a result, most settle for low quality, expensive hires. There is a huge labour pool of hard-working intelligent finance pros in the country. But there are difficulties hiring them.

Requested $150,000 Raised: $15,000

LinkedIn for African Entrepreneurs, powered by artificial intelligence. We are providing African Entrepreneurs with a platform to meet and link up with investors informally. They can share information and compare performance, experience and stories. 

Target: $30,000 Raised: $5,000

Guruperminute is an app that matches and links professional experts from diverse sectors with people who need their expert advice. People in Africa benefit from the wisdom and one-on-one expert advice on a wide variety of issues, but paying per minute.

Target: $60,000 Raised: $5,000

AIVacancy is a portal that uses the latest Artificial Intelligence to efficiently match and shortlist candidates for companies. Launched in Africa the business is now ready for global growth.

Target: $180,000 Raised: $25,000

Easy of buying cars and parts from Japan through our website without displacing to Japan with the current lockdown. Through our website people can keep doing business in Japan without moving to Japan while keeping their businesses moving in the supply chain.

Target: $30,000 Raised: $0

The market size ranges from 800-1000 potential customers. Our products mostly target female from 0-100 years. We reach our customers through advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on daily basis. Our major marketing strategy is marketing on Facebook frequently and posting in Facebook groups to reach a larger audience. We also boost our Facebook posts to reach larger audiences.
We make more posts in the morning, lunch time and evening hours since most people are from work in these hours.

Target: $5,000 Raised: $0



Alcohol-based hand sanitisers help to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria and Viruses, particularly in busy environments like schools and offices. The hand sanitiser will Stop the Spread of Germs. According to studies, 1 in 5 people doesn't regularly wash their hands may be due to a lack of clean water, soap or time. Of those who do, 70% don't use soap.

Target: $5,000 Raised: $0

The solution i have is to focus on Educate, Empower, and lift the boy child to be who is is meant to be. As long as the boy child is empowered, the cycle remains he will fight for the girl child with understanding, knowledge and wisdom. In Woman to Woman Ministries, we fight to stand with the boy child. We identify boys who drop out of school due to school fees and do all we can to pay their fees. We connect them to male mentors, multidimensionally. We challenge them out of the streets and to education. We believe in them. We focus on raising boys to men, with the support of respectful men within us

Target: $20,000 Raised: $0

This business is based on the creation of art and decorative object and jewels collection made in GOLD for the first time. I wish to create a counter for buying and selling gold to buy and sell Gold. So part of my purchase will be dedicated to creating a collection of jewels/object/Design and the other one to be sold as pure Gold. Priority target are the rich Africans around the world for whom I will make unique and tailor-made jewellery and art objects

Target: $2,000,000 Raised: $0

We are an agricultural startup aimed at providing plant-based protein component in animal feed. Fishmeal has been very expensive and has been eating into the profits that farmers make. We are positioning to produce a high-quality protein that will be cheaper and will reduce the cost of production

Target: $5,000 Raised: $0

Scarlet is a magazine publication and distribution company that give platforms to small businesses and organization platforms to reach their clients and also write articles at the community level

Target: $20,000 Raised: $0

PESAJOY CAPITAL LTD is a non-deposit taking microfinance company leveraging on technology to address the financing gap in the Kenyan MSME sector. “Pesa “Means Money the context within which we intervene by giving smile “Joy” to rural, women and
underserved population by providing access to financial services. PESAJOY CAPITAL addresses the Kenyan MSME financing gap by providing low-cost financial services and accessible loan terms for entrepreneurs.

Target: $1,000,000 Raised: $5,000

My business seeks to be an ultimate and outstanding solution provider in the education sector by providing excellent and outstanding service through both online education services and physical learning under strict adherence to the laid government and ministry of measures.

Target: $50,000 Raised: $15,000

I started this business in 2019 and by the end of the year or the beginning of 2020 I had several houses and apartments both in Kigali and Nairobi. I currently have 3 Apartments and a 7 bedroom villa.

I need to expand the business
1. Add 2-3 more listing to cope up with clients demand
2. Upgrade furniture on the big houses to improve and increase the demand.
3. Have more running capital to pay lease/rent for the next 6 months.
4. Marketing and promotion

Target: $20,000 Raised: $0

Herisana Africa was founded in 2019. We want to empower small and artisanal miners all over Africa to grow their production by having the appropriate tools to scale their operation and have committed buyers who pay fair market prices for their output. SAMEUL HERISANA JV operations will include formal diamond mining activities in the mining area of Alexkor [an existing state-owned mining company].


Target: $18,000 Raised: $0


"Get It" is a Blockchain-powered peer to peer marketplace which enables vendors in Africa to sell the local products directly to the buyers (B2B or B2C) within Africa and in the global markets. The marketplace ensures the authenticity and quality of the products and provides realtime insights into logistics by auditing the different stages in the product supply chain in the Blockchain distributed ledger. The term and agreements of the order including payments between vendor and buyer (and other parties) are governed by Blockchain smart contracts and are executed automatically without any intermediary. This ensures trust, security and transparency between all the parties and also drives the product prices down.

Target: $5000 Raised: $0

The machinery is already on site, and I need to build godowns and start processing. Organic waste, which is the primary raw material, is abundant in our region and causes health hazards. Demand for organic fertiliser is ever raising

The market for organic fertilizer is ever on the rise and no competent suppliers yet.

Target: $400,000 Raised: $200,000

Pyramid Shades is one of the leading car parking shade company Kenya. We have distinguished ourselves in Design work.

Our products include car parking shades and interior decorations for commercial as well as residential projects. We take great care to satisfy our customers and do the job with utmost responsibility.

Target: $50,000 Raised: $20,000

Audience 610,511
Requested $3,845,000
Raised $340,000

Supporting Entrepreneurship in Africa

Every entrepreneur has an innovation or initiative worth funding but not all will win the prize. But we ensure that every entrepreneur that is committed and passionate about doing business in Africa has an equal opportunity and chance for investment – regardless of gender, location, economic background or beliefs.

MindflixMedia is committed to provide and facilitate early stage funding so that we can create the next wave of unicorn companies in Africa. We have a respectable record of funding responsibly and without favour. We encourage entrepreneurs from the African continent and the diaspora to take advantage of this great opportunity.