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The MindflixMedia Unicorn Series is designed to discover new African entrepreneurs with innovative businesses & smart ideas. Each month we aim to select one entrepreneur to qualify for an investment, along with invaluable support from experienced & successful entrepreneurs. We are open for submissions and pitches and have developed a quick and easy application process to follow.


Pay the registration fee and submit your fundraising application form


Prepare your documents and pitching presentation. Obtain pitching training if needed


Attend a virtual pitching session in front of a panel of investors and judges


Technical due diligence by out team before an investment is made, then publicity & on-going support

Featured Applications

Our dream

Our Dream is to create a “Student Hub of Entrepreneurs”. We want to provide an environment where students can showcase their talents and exercise their entrepreneurial initiatives, to bring positive change globally.

Target: $20,000 Raised: $11,500

Exclusive Designs for Exceptional People 

HQAdesigns is a multi-award-winning global interior design and interior architecture firm specialising in detail driven luxury residential projects for private clients and property developers worldwide.

Target: $45,000 Raised: $10,500

Investors contribute funds that will finance the construction of a very new model of beach resorts throughout various african countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, and Senegal. They will own a percent of the resort, and be paid monthly based on contribution and revenue generated.

This is a new concept of building and operating vacation beach resorts in Africa that cost a small fraction of the conventional method, uses modern technology to lower the operating cost, and can be built within 60 days. The market is primarily tourists from Europe and the US, but also tourists from within the African continent.

Target: $100,000 Raised: $30,000

Herisana Africa was founded in 2019. We want to empower small and artisanal miners all over Africa to grow their production by having the appropriate tools to scale their operation and have committed buyers who pay fair market prices for their output. SAMEUL HERISANA JV operations will include formal diamond mining activities in the mining area of Alexkor [an existing state-owned mining company].


Target: $18,000 Raised: $0

RemoteCoach is a great coaching and consulting app, available to entrepreneurs and business people, 24/7, giving them access to top business consultation and coaching at their fingertips! It will help entrepreneur navigate important decisions making challenges through key functions in their business.

Requested $30,000 Raised: $5,000

SecondSoko helps second-hand sellers and resellers list their inventory and manage customers and sales from one central place.

Requested $10,000 Raised: $0

Acceptance Criteria

  • Must be a business owner of a registered company doing business or intending to do business in Africa

  • Must be over 18 years old

  • Must be willing to learn and open to share your experience

  • Must be passionate about your mission and vision

  • Must be ready to disclose registration, financial and other documents when required

Pitch Evaluation

As we review every pitch and talk to the interested investors, we look for clues across a four main areas. We consider the market you are looking to operate in, the quality of the team, your concept or solution and of course, the evidence or proof. These are the approximate weightings we give to each area we evaluate.









Supporting Entrepreneurship in Africa

Every entrepreneur has an innovation or initiative worth funding but not all will win the prize. But we ensure that every entrepreneur that is committed and passionate about doing business in Africa has an equal opportunity and chance for investment – regardless of gender, location, economic background or beliefs.

MindflixMedia is committed to provide and facilitate early stage funding so that we can create the next wave of unicorn companies in Africa. We have a respectable record of funding responsibly and without favour. We encourage entrepreneurs from the African continent and the diaspora to take advantage of this great opportunity.