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WealthFest Africa (WEFA), a state of the art, virtual platform with high-level speakers, exhibitors and sponsors from different fields, bringing together delegates across the world. WEFA 2020 is more than a masterclass, with the opportunity of forming strategic alliances across Africa for trade. With an enabling environment for trade in Africa, it provides for disruption of the African narrative, strategically shifting focus from "aid" to "trade". 

By bringing together Africa’s best minds, WealthFest Africa is determined to influence the people of Africa to step out and take up the various opportunities available for wealth creation. The time has come for a move from aid to trade so that we can liberate ourselves from handouts to creating generational wealth.

Our vision is to see an Africa free of aid with wealth-creating opportunities for every African entrepreneur across the continent. A wise man once said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second-best time is today; The best time for Africa to have a platform that can bring us together unite, innovate and do business was many years ago actually BC! the next best time is TODAY.

I am here to help you on that journey. I assist ambitious and heart-centred entrepreneurs and business owners from the Diaspora with fast market entry in Africa. I share strategies, action steps, and rare insights that immediately empower you to take leaps. And I help you build your network. You see, I want to challenge you to get much, much more out of life.

Lawrence Howorth

For many years, African economic development relied heavily on countries outside of the African Continent. Because of this, Africa was tied to the objectives and strategies  of many of these countries and business entities within these foreign countries. The focus was less on the good of Africa and its people and more on the needs of these countries.

Of course, there were and still are many Countries and organizations within those countries that ARE focused on the economic progression and health of African countries and their people.

Unfortunately, the source of money, corruption and power struggles within and among the African countries has been a cloud over the African potential and its future.

Are we now ready for a change? Are we now ready to "Reverse the Flow"? Can we now begin to build a stronger African-centric economy that is inclusive of the African people and less reliant on "others"? Is it time to now move towards building strong African-owned businesses that reach OUT rather than wait for others to reach in to their country? Are there business and economic models that may give us the answers?

The story of a young African man from searching for value. He found love, helped fight crime and pursued accountability at the global level by building Judicial and Governance technology systems. But is now on a new mission to create jobs and help his continent by using Information Technology to build mobile and eCommerce solutions in Africa.

A young and talented entrepreneur with foresight, Ganame is the President of Texas-West Africa Chamber of Commerce that is en route to becoming the premier economic platform between West African Nations and the United States. The Houston-based Chamber of Commerce is open to American and West African firms to increase and strengthen trade ties. This is a formula that can work for other African regions as well.

Ajobintime was created by students for students, we believe that students are intelligent, innovative and adaptable,

Join the session to learn how YOU can be the next pioneer, the next entrepreneur, the next leader this world needs.


He is one of 17 founders of a nationwide “black” owned and controlled federal credit union that was launched in March 2020 in the United States. He is the President of the Hebrews Federal Credit Union, with members in over 100 cities and 37 states in the United States.

Joining the Hebrews Credit Union
Owning Land in the United States
$5/Month for $20,000 life insurance

According to the World Tourism Organisation, 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals were recorded in 2019 and the number of destinations earning US$1 billion or more from international tourism has almost doubled since 1998. However, because of the Covid19 pandemic, the global travel industry went down by 22% in Q1 and by 65% in the first half of 2020 when compared with 2019 figures. 

It is clear that the pandemic had a devastating impact on our industry but it also gave us the opportunity to "restart" and reinvent the way the world used to think about innovation in tourism. This session explores ways Africa can position itself as a destination of choice and how the current trends can be transformed into opportunities.

Using her sports legacy and African soul blueprint, 4x Olympian Reina inspires and coaches, international businessmen, executives and athletes. She helps to redefine the new psychology of hurdling over difficulties to lead and win.

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