Ankit Aggarwal - BIO

Ankit Aggarwal is a technology evangelist at iMotivat and the EMEA representative for MindflixMedia. His expertise is IT & business alignment, and to design and develop the ICT infrastructure, products and services for its global clients with main focus on Africa region. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science from Dhirubhai Ambani University - a premier educational institute based out of India. In the past, he has worked in key roles at top 10 global IT firms like Infosys and Oracle. He has been working in the IT industry since 16 Years donning many hats.

In his 16 Years long IT career, he has published several research papers, invented software architecture design patterns, and has won multiple awards for his excellence on the work front and for his professional integrity. He has led the global teams and have successfully delivered multiple large scale complex IT projects in different business domains across BFSI, IT industry, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Online Services and marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Telecommunication.

Apart from an IT Guru, he is also an Entrepreneur and has founded startups in areas of IT services, Healthcare & Fitness. Lately as part of the MindflixMedia team he is working closely on a day to day basis with startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs across Africa. He is helping the clients to grow, monetize, scale and automate their businesses with the help of innovative, cost effective and quality IT solutions. He believes in forming long term symbiotic partnerships with his clients and creating a meaningful and measurable value for them. He is working towards transforming the technology and business landscape across Africa by developing cutting edge solutions in the areas of Real Estate, Retail, Finance, Tourism, Agriculture etc.

Apart from his love and passion for technology, he is a fitness freak and marathon runner. He practices Yoga, CrossFit, Calisthenics and Meditation on a regular basis and believes in the mantra of living a happy and healthy life. He believes that life's goal is to maximize human potential and thus he is always open to new challenges and new learnings on all life fronts.