Dr Beatrice Lukose is usually referred to as the “Queen of African Mindset.’’ She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration in Emotional Intelligence and Business, from Switzerland which she uses to teach in all areas of life and business. She is a business mindset and life coach.

She is the founder of MindflixMedia Africa, a data hub for entrepreneurs and investors that provides intelligence on income and socio-economic growth in Africa and the diaspora. 


Her work was recently featured in Opra Magazine, The Shade room, Viola Davis, Enews, BET International etc. 


She is the CEO of WealthFest Africa with a big passion to influence the people of Africa to step out, connect, innovate, and take up the various opportunities available for wealth creation. 

As the European Coordinator of Women in Business Network, she helps to provide women in business access to African and Diaspora market opportunities to foster development, income generation and economic participation.

She is a well sought and acclaimed keynote speaker having successfully acquired membership in International Speaking Clubs like Professional Speakers Association Netherlands, Global Speakers Association and Booking World Speakers. 

Now living in the Netherlands, she has worked with the United Nations for 15+ years as a diplomat doing Humanitarian work in Tanzania and the Netherlands.

In 2018, she received the Exceptional Woman of Excellence award at the Economic Women Forum Europe. She has been featured several times on both Europe Africa Radio and TV shows.

She is a successful International Entrepreneur having founded JBIM Kampala, Uganda in 1998 which successfully completed business automation projects for the governments in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Jamaica; including United Nations.

She is the Co-Founder of iMotivat Solutions that specialise in building Online, eCommerce platforms and Mobile Apps; She managed a team that developed a Global eCommerce Market for selling goods and services to reach the international market. Plus an eCommerce platform that provides paid tasks for students, a platform for Architecture and eDesigns; a local tourism booking platform and the first award-winning mobile real estate app in Africa. 

She recently launched the No 1 online training program called How to start a Multi Million Online Business which focuses entirely on Mindset, Speaking and Systems required to succeed online business.  

She has co-authored 3 Books Tuning your Relationship to Last a Lifetime, how to be a Nurturing Husband and What she Needs to Blossom.

She was the first in her village in central Kenya in 1996 to climb the highest mountain in Kenya upto the peak 4,985-metres (16,355ft).

Dr Beatrice is an enthusiastic, practical, funny, and humble lady from the slopes of Mount Kenya with a passion to help a million people by 2022 to have fulfilled lives and businesses in Africa and the Diaspora.