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Wed, Mar 31, 2021
Part time

We are looking for Marketing professionals preferably from Africa that prefer to work as freelancers in our MindflixMedia organisation.

Job Title: Social Media Manager

  • Content Generation: Leverage internal media such as films, interviews, podcasts, etc. to create snippets of content (e.g. 15-second videos, memes, images, etc.) to post on all designated social media platforms (30%)
  • Social Media posting, scheduling, and engagement (20%)
  • Review analytics from social media postings and share them with senior staff (10%)
  • Identify potential affinity partners such as social media influencers (10%)
  • Manage and update the social media calendar with department events and releases (10%)
  • Provide insights on social media trends and changes to senior management (10%)
  • Support media buying efforts by providing creative assets for social media advertisements (10%) 

Job Title: Email Marketing Manager

  • Follow the content strategies in Words Are Wealth to create engaging content for email marketing on a weekly and monthly basis (30%)
  • Segment contacts and track analytical data (e.g. open rates) and report it to senior management (20%)
  • Develop lead generation strategies to attract more email subscribers (20%)
  • Collaborate with the Social Media Manager to ensure social media followers are converted to email subscribers (10%)
  • Identify prospective affinity partners with engaging email lists, and send them to senior management (10%)
  • Provide insights on trends and changes in the email marketing industry and share them with senior management (10%)

Job Title: Media Buyer

  • Lead Generation: Source potential customers for MindflixMedia by building, launching, and tracking advertising campaigns on social media (50%)
  • Launch advertisement campaigns to take customers through a retention journey as outlined in Words Are Wealth (30%)
  • Report analytical data to senior management (10%)
  • Collaborate with the Social Media Manager to draft creative assets for the campaigns (10%)

We are looking at a virtual launch in 4 month's time aimed at exposing MindflixMedia to our niche. Our goal is to attract a membership of 100,000 in 12 months and fund at least one startup entrepreneur per month (avg 10k USD). The virtual launch will have at least 500 registrants, 3 awards to successful entrepreneurs, 2 keynotes from a reputable speakers, 3 selected presentations.

A well-written, keyword-optimized resume and cover letter will help set you apart from the competition. Please do indicate which job you are applying for.

To stand a better chance, do create an account on the platform and together with your CV, submit a 500 words draft strategy to showcase your skill.



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