How to build a property portfolio in South Africa

How to build a property portfolio in South Africa

how to build a property portfolio in South Africa or anywhere else in the world starts with small steps and lots of learning. In this video I share 3 steps in where and what you can buy to start building your property portfolio.

This is ideal for a new real estate investor. With the right information and knowledge you can buy real estate and build a portfolio fast.

Step 1 is to start in area you live in and know well. Perhaps target a small affordable apartment close by so that you can be hands on and learn as much about being a landlord and maintaining an investment property

Step 2 is to look at local colleges and universities in your City and buy a student apartment nearby that you can furnish with the basics that would make your apartment more attractive to potential students

Step 3 is to buy a townhouse in an estate or retirement unit in a retirement village that offers security and safety for its residents and ideal to either raise a family in or to enjoy retirement years in peace and comfort

as a bonus step after building this small property empire the next step could be to look at a small complex or mall block of apartments that can all be rented out and managed by a property management company on your behalf. At this level passive income could probably cover all your expenses and needs giving you a taste of real financial freedom.