John Okoro - Brand Ambassador - Crypto and Blockchain

John Okoro - Brand Ambassador - Crypto and Blockchain

I am the creator of Singapore based Auspicious Agile & Blockchain (,, I have served as founding Head of Agile / Digital Practice for an Accenture Company and have founded Agile / Digital Transformation services practices for Rally Software in Asia and for a mid-sized US management consultancy. I have over two decades of leadership and digital transformation experience in technology related projects, and over thirteen years of experience using Agile methods (Lean, Agile, Scrum, Design Thinking, Scaled Agile, ...). I have led corporate Agile / Digital training, executive education, and Agile certification sessions publicly and in corporations across multiple industries.  I have served as a visiting Lecturer at National University of Singapore (NUS - Asia's top rated university) in the area of enterprise Agile Scaling. I am also the author of the book "Guide to Distributed Agile Framework" which is available on Amazon (

My new Singapore based FinTech start-up "Auspicious Agile and Blockchain" ( has developed a platform for crowd funding African projects and initiatives from African Diaspora and other interested funders using blockchain technology.  The "ScanPay" Africa Crowd funding platform enables the use of the blockchain to fund projects from anywhere in the world. 

I am a frequent speaker at Agile, Blockchain and industry conferences and an InfoQ contributor on Agile and DevOps. I also have proven success in numerous roles as an Agile leader and Enterprise Agile Coach. Having consulted in the telecom, entertainment, real estate, information services, financial services and professional services industries for numerous Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies including Disney, Toyota and Accenture. I have experience with start-ups, entrepreneurial ventures and working with government clients. I am a certified trainer for International Consortium for Agile (IC Agile) and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe - SPC5) in the areas of Agile and DevOps.

As an Agile / Digital coach and trainer I have a passion for using Agile and Lean principles to create business value and competitive advantage for companies. I enjoy the coaching and development of team members on their Agile journey, enabling them to initiate and sustain their own improvements and culture change. One of my key success factors is using a servant leadership approach and "respect for every individual" to empower teams.