Keynote: Reversing the Flow

Keynote: Reversing the Flow

Lawrence Howorth

For many years, African economic development relied heavily on countries outside of the African Continent. Because of this, Africa was tied to the objectives and strategies  of many of these countries and business entities within these foreign countries. The focus was less on the good of Africa and its people and more on the needs of these countries.

Of course, there were and still are many Countries and organizations within those countries that ARE focused on the economic progression and health of African countries and their people.

Unfortunately, the source of money, corruption and power struggles within and among the African countries has been a cloud over the African potential and its future.

Are we now ready for a change? Are we now ready to "Reverse the Flow"? Can we now begin to build a stronger African-centric economy that is inclusive of the African people and less reliant on "others"? Is it time to now move towards building strong African-owned businesses that reach OUT rather than wait for others to reach in to their country? Are there business and economic models that may give us the answers?