Living Land - Episode 1: New technology in Agriculture

In this episode, we cast the spotlight on new technology in agriculture. Today’s farmers use technology to produce more food for a growing population.
This week we look at how some young farmers are applying exciting hi-tech innovations. Our first visit of this new series took us to the Westonaria Agri-park where we spoke to various bright young farmers employing state-of-the-art hydroponics technology to produce fresh produce in a controlled environment. Agri-parks are farmer-controlled entities that serve as catalysts for rural development.
The aim is to provide a network of contacts between producers, markets and processors, as well as infrastructure to process agricultural products. Recent changes in equipment have made a huge impact on the way farmers are able to farm and grow food. Even though new technology might be expensive in the beginning, it pays off handsomely in the long run. This was quite evident when we visited Thoriso, another enterprising young farmer, at Chickens for Africa. This operation uses the latest hi-tech methods to produce high quality chickens and quail.