Living Land - Episode 16 : The wonder of Dairy

Living Land - Episode 16 : The wonder of Dairy

Dairy farming is one of the most profitable ventures in agriculture, but the right knowledge and a willingness to work hard is a prerequisite. We visited one of SA’s most successful black dairy farmers near Mooi River in KZN.

Our host, Mr Ncobo, recommended that before starting a dairy farming venture, farmers should have adequate skills on dairy cow management which they can get by visiting successful dairy farmers or working with livestock extension personnel. This will help them to avoid costly mistakes that can lead to failure and even losses.

After our visit to the dairy farm, we followed the fresh milk tankers to the manufacturing plant to see exactly how dairy is processed and what needs to be done before you can buy the milk at the supermarket.

The folks at the Dewfresh plant gave us some valuable insight into this intricate process.