The Marriage Strings Program

The Marriage Strings Program

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Tune your marriage strings to last for a lifetime. Featuring only the Greatest lessons from relationship experts and research that are Guaranteed to immediately improve your Marital and Relational fitness.

Marriage Strings is the leading marriage enrichment program in the world. Many couples are using this program to bring restoration and fulfilment in their marriages. Marriage Strings is a combination of tried and tested methods through which marriages can benefit. This guide, therefore, helps couples understand the principles of marriage strings and how they provide the foundation for a good marriage.

This program also introduces a framework that can be used within any context of marriage between heterosexual couples. The Marriage Strings program has been developed through consultation with marriage coaches, pastors, counsellors and a multitude of married couples to reflect their experience. It, therefore, brings a practical guide to marriages in their different phases.

     What you get:

    • The Story of Peter and Amy
    • Stages in Marriage
    • The Loving String
    • The Gifting String
    • The Sharing String
    • The Sex String
    • The Guarding String
    • The Talking String
    • Bonuses