You are highly welcome to the MindflixMedia Mastermind where we meet to discuss business growth in Africa and beyond!

You’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream business learning. And you’ll connect with the world’s best experts, coaches, developers and community.

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We are pleased to have successfully managed several projects with total budgets exceeding $2 million in various sectors, including European Health sector, IT infrastructure with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Security & Protection, Real Estate in Kenya & Democratic Republic of Congo, Agribusiness in Kenya (Capex and Opex), Tourism, Entertainment industry (Fashion, Beauty Pageant & Organic Products) and many more.

Our vision is to develop scalable, sustainable vehicles for facilitating capital & business flows into & out of the continent by supporting corporations in their expansion ideas.

We cordially invite you to join our upcoming mastermind session:
👉Thursday, April 20th 2023
👉18h00 - 19h30 CET: 19h00 - 20h30 EAT
👉Virtual Event

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In partnership with KDAN/KDA, MindflixMedia is working with WIDU Africa (German Government sponsored programme) in its effort to support job creation in Africa and provide funding and coaching for small businesses in Africa. 3.7 million Euros has already been disbursed to 3,000 businesses on the continent.

In this information session, will show how you can benefit from this initiative.

The MindflixMedia team is working with Beulah City, a wholly owned Kenyan company committed to providing Investment-Grade Real Estate & Urban Residential Developments to the Kenyan market. They are building 20,000+ housing units to be owned by the middle-lower income earners in the urban areas without the hustle of high interest rates.

The MindflixMedia team is working with Women in Business (WiB), an organization of 1.3 million women, to develop it's eCommerce platform

A highly inspirational session; MindflixMedia and iMotivat Solutions are partnering with Women in Business to launch the biggest women’s online marketplace in East Africa.. 

In this masterclass, we had a great moment of inspiration and learning about 10 of the top entrepreneurs in Africa that have achieved not only great work but are also great leaders. Their ability to see opportunities, where others only see issues, has helped transform communities and economies. They give us great hope for a bright future for one of the most incredible continents of the world.

You can greatly change the world around you with your message, Yes you can! It’s not far beyond your reach. The speaker Dr Jones Lukose, may not be a marketer or brand genius but an entrepreneur that has led his team to achieve this feat in half the time.

A highly informative mastermind session by Noah Muli, MindflixMedia Brand Ambassador, France. Noah Muli has been active since 2000 in empowering and providing solutions to the diaspora in Europe, especially the Kenyan diaspora, has helped our members and followers to solve lots of diaspora problems by providing reliable and sustainable solutions. We are particularly proud of the work he is doing in Real Estate investments with Optiven in East Africa.

In this master class, find out how he is helping to find solutions to all diaspora barriers in a foreign land.

A highly informative session; where we share about MindflixMedia and how we work to fund businesses in Africa. 

At the age of 19, Lincoln became the CEO and founder of Ajobintime which is the best student-led digital marketing agency in Africa providing services like website development, social media, lead generation and many more.

In this masterclass, we discussed how YOU can benefit from MindflixMedia and listened to business ideas and pitches. As we had promised, one of the ideas was to be selected for a MindflixMedia 5,000 US dollar investment in IT.
We are glad to announce that the business idea that was selected was UREMBO HUB.
Congratulations to Urembo Hub!
Join us every Thursday evening to network, learn and inspire.

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