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Women Leaders share tips and wisdom on how to handle the ups and downs in the world's continual evolution.

The guidelines facilitate and support the efforts of Member States to implement the policies and measures to combat COVID-19 that have been recommended by Africa CDC, the African high-level task force on recovery of air transport, IATA, ICAO, IMO, IOM, UNCTAD, OCHA, WCO, WHO and WTO. Annexed to the guidelines are SOPs for the management and monitoring of cross-border road transport at designated points of entry and COVID-19 checkpoints.


Born: 25 October 1965

Position/Title: Founder, executive chairman of Pula Holdings

Total Assets: 170 million pula

Nationality: Motswana* Industry: Diversified holding company, including energy, transport

Highest education qualification: Management Development Programme; University of Cape Town Business School

What are the symptoms to look out for and how can we continue to bring awareness to mental issues and advocate for mental health?
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VACorps Intern Omar Daabies discusses his healthcare internship at Health Systems Trust, a leading research organization in South Africa. To learn more about healthcare internship opportunities in Cape Town, visit
Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said South Africa has entered the second wave of COVID-19 infections. Courtesy of #DStv403
President of the International Federation of Environmental Health has called on South Africa's government to invest more resources into the profession. Selva Mudaly says that this section of public health-care is often side-lined and what the coronavirus pandemic has shown - is how vital it is in the health eco-system. Now to further we are joined on the via zoom by the president of the International Federation of Environmental Health Dr. Selva Mudaly.
A documentary looking at codeine addiction sweeping through South Africa.
South Africa's toxic codeine addiction.
This is a story about codeine addiction sweeping through South Africa. With an estimated 600,000 addicts in the country, this "purple drink" promoted heavily in rap songs, will have devastating effects on the health of South Africans.