Ajobintime,  Provides Jobs for African Unemployed Graduates

Ajobintime, Provides Jobs for African Unemployed Graduates

Our Highest Ambition is to Help African Students

Our program contributes to the development of innovative, creative and adaptable students across Africa. These Unemployed Students are extremely talented, however they aren't given the chance to showcase it

Our program heightens the confidence of the students by giving them the chance to demonstrate their, ingenuity and creativity which they have been refining throughout the years.

These students are extremely intelligent, with the majority of them with a bachelor degree or higher, however these students are after several years of seeking work that suit their skills, they are forced to take up jobs in the labor industry.

The quality of jobs presented to the students is the issue. Here at Ajobintime we want to utilize those hard earned and learned skills, to not allow all those years of study to perish in vain. We want to provide these students opportunities to refine their skills and acquire jobs suited to their talents.