Asante Mama, the best of Natures Herbs and Spices from Africa

Asante Mama, the best of Natures Herbs and Spices from Africa

‘Asante Mama’ is a true story of personal commitment and passion, that of Pamela Anyoti Peronaci.

Some years ago, Pamela launched an innovative farming business to lift the rural people of Uganda out of their extreme poverty. Her goal was to increase productivity in agriculture and create employment and income in a sustainable way, improve livelihoods for farmers, while, respecting the environment. She promotes on her own farm and for farmers organic farming which is ethical, innovative and sustainable so farmers can produce cocoa, herbs and spices in addition to their food.

Pamela’s passion about working with and supporting poor farmers is so great that she has been talking to anyone who cares to listen.
Every year, Pamela criss-crosses the lush Ugandan countryside, encouraging farmers to produce the finest fruits, cocoa, herbs and spices the company is famous for. While in the fields, farmers whose livelihoods she has helped improve always tell her ‘Asante Mama’ and that’s how the brand name was born. Pamela keeps a keen eye on every detail to guarantee the quality of the products!

By bringing these fresh and tasty products from the heart of Africa to the international market, she shares a message of warmth and generosity, reflected in her mission “Doing Business and Doing Good”. Through the sales of these outstanding products, ‘Asante Mama’ directly supports the income of over 10,000 families, guaranteeing them a better livelihood and a better access to education, health and social services.