Ian Campbell - Brand Ambassador - Government Relations

Ian Campbell - Brand Ambassador - Government Relations

Mr. Campbell is a Jamaican native living in America. He's a former Chief of Staff working with Members of Congress on Capitol Hill Washington, DC. He's traveled the world representing the US government before registering as a lobbyist. As an entrepreneur, Campbell's company, Manchester Global Solutions, Inc., www.manchesterglobalsolutions.com, is a boutique international strategic government relations and business development firm. They deliver comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Campbell is also a Co-Founder of The PIC Television Network, www.thepictvnetwork.com, a streaming network on the Roku platform. His Network was launched in Nov. 2020 and has already grown to 60 channels. Campbell has partnered with Super Credit Builders to restore the credit scores of people who register with their company, www.supercreditbuilders.com.

I believe in the power of the African people and the African diaspora. Unifying is our strength, if we come together and work together, we can solve many of the problems caused by colonization and slavery. Bringing the best quality individuals to the network will help us to draw nearer to the reality of achieving this purpose. I believe my ability to bring people together can contribute to Mindflix and deliver results.

Area of Expertise

Government Relations/Business Development, we bring solutions to countries, companies, or individuals.