Jake J. Timm - Brand Ambassador - Netherlands and Ghana

Jake J. Timm - Brand Ambassador - Netherlands and Ghana

Jake J. Timm is the founder of Hakuna Group BV. Hakuna Group is on a mission is to supply quality African food products on the European market and beyond while bringing sustainability to the forefront of African Agriculture. Their emphasis is on high quality and certified foods from over 22,000 farmers in East and West Africa with whom we will equip skills of sustainable and environmentally friendly production techniques.

Equip an estimated 22,000 farmers in rural Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda with;
- International Certifications for Farms and Agri-Education
- Equipment and Innovations in Agri-related technology (Irrigation and storage centres)
- Connection to sales and lobbying for policy change (Urging governments to invest more in agriculture)

Sustainable Trade will be the result in enabling the African farmers to reach the required global standards for their product, thus enabling them to increase the share value of third party investment.

In addition to this, Hakuna Group BV is rolling out its one-stop platform to African Agriculture “Biashara”, a blockchain run system that makes market linkages for African Exporters to the rest of the world.