Living Land - Episode 12: Using what you've got

Living Land - Episode 12: Using what you've got

Making the most of your circumstances is something that most good farmers know how to do very well. In this episode, we visit two farms run by families in the eastern Free State, and in both cases this principle is beautifully illustrated.

Living Land visited the Zoopjesfontein farm in the Senekal district back in 2012 and so were quite interested to see how the Sekhoto’s family business has progressed over the years. Dineo met up with Nono Sekhoto, who takes care of the finances. She explained that the business was doing exceptionally well, especially after the family had made a few telling strategic decisions.

Still in the eastern Free State, we had the privilege of visiting another remarkable place called Lion’s Rest. This relatively small farm on the outskirts of a little town called Tweeling, boasts a high calibre guest house, a game farm including a lion breeding programme, as well as one of the most impressive, hi-tech, automated egg layer systems we have ever seen. In many ways, this is a model farm.

It's advantages are exploited to the full and there is very little wastage. Every component is designed or adapted to complement the others.